Tinker Quinn

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Heat Seeking Rocket Launch!

Tinker Quinn Animated on Sketchfab

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Ultimate Laser Beam

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Wireframe - Front View

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Wireframe - Back View

Harley Quinn in Dota2 alternate universe. Meet The Crazy Brilliant Tinker Quinn, Dr. Casey Steelforth. She was the best female student of The Maestro : Boush the Tinker. After Boush passed away, Tinker clan was in a chaos. Joker the Scourge Lich took the advantages and become grand master of the Tinker Clan. Joker need a right-hand to manage the Tinker Clan. Dr. Casey was choosen by joker to become the Leader of the Clan, The Tinker Quinn. Dr. Casey’s extraordinary beauty make Joker fell in love with her and became Daddy’s Lil Monster.