White Witch

Philipus nico white witch as ref bloom

White Witch Render as Refrence

Philipus nico white witch as ref square bloom

Close Up Render

Philipus nico white witch allview bloom

Turn Arround Preview

Philipus nico white witch hair detail bloom

Fibermesh hair result

Philipus nico whitewitch workflows 01

Workflow breakdown

WhiteWitch Turntable

White Witch
Based on Daeho Cha's amazing concept art

I made this to enhance my 3D modelling skill and to become my portfolio. Learn a lot such as fibermesh hair particle, rendering in keyshot, sculpting, coloring/polypainting and 3D character workflows. I have share the workflows for you guys, and if you find a better workflows, I hope you can tell me because I still learning and learning to become better :) also drop down a comment or critics down below. Hope you like it! Thanks!